The Diet for Beating Eczema

You must refer to the “Food Pyramid” in the first place. If your dermatitis is triggered by a digestive deficiency, the following natural dietary plan will keep it under control. According to my experience, there have been cases in which this type of eczema sufferers even claims to have found a cure for their condition, so there is 100 percent hope for you with it.

Even if your triggers do not come from food deficiency, your dermatitis will be greatly improved if you apply the following food regimen. This natural anti-eczema diet plan will work for anybody who is not hypersensitive to the foods which compose it.

Nature Diet – Basic Guidelines

From the food pyramid we all know, I will be telling you what type of foods you can eat from top to bottom:

– Fats and sugars: The only fats we will consume will come in the form of olive oil, whether it is used for frying (in its saturated form), in salads, or from our source of animal protein.

Eliminate any sugar before doing the diet. I repeat: WE WILL NOT TAKE ANY SUGAR OR SWEETENERS. The only thing we can take is honey, but not any commercial honey (these contain preservatives and added sugars).

We will use 100% natural honey which is easily available in herbal shops. As I have already told you, forget about any other “honey” you can find in the supermarket. We will also take the sugar in the form of fructose that the fruit contains naturally.

– Dairy products: ABSOLUTELY NONE.

– Animal protein: Chicken. A chicken-based diet. No egg, no pork, no red meat, the same goes for veal, occasionally some salmon (a great Omega-3 source).

-Varied Vegetables: We can take all kinds of Vegetables and Vegetables, in salty stews or whatever you like. One thing to keep in mind is not to use vinegar in salads. No weird sauces either (in a few lines I’ll talk about what we can’t have).

– Fruits: Take at least three pieces of any fruit a day, if they are skinned, much better. But be very careful with allergies. For example, I can’t eat bananas or pineapples because they give me allergies. I also don’t recommend taking them before bedtime, especially if they are acidic.

– Legumes: We can have chickpeas, lentils, and beans. I’ve tried these and I haven’t had any problems.

-Dried fruits: people with intestinal deficiencies cannot take them, as they can cause terrible intestinal pains. So, I recommend you avoid them if this is your case.

-Carbohydrates: Rice and only rice, whole grain and seed exclusively (both mixed and whole-grain only). Prohibited are bread and flours, even if they’re rice-based flours or rice-based cakes and pastries. No rice pastes. WE CAN ONLY HAVE BOILED RICE OR STEW: THIS WILL BE OUR ONLY SOURCE OF CARBOHYDRATES.

People under treatment usually do it with 50 percent whole grain and only seed. The intake of hydrates is very important, so you are allowed a lot of rice in your meals. The good thing about rice is that it has many culinary possibilities. No potato or cereal is comparable to rice’s versatility. So, for this diet you cannot take any cereal aside from rice; nothing will replace it, no corn, only whole grain rice.

Everything can be reduced to FRUITS, OIL, VEGETABLES, CHICKEN, LEGUMES, RICE AND HONEY (the latter in moderation, too much honey can lead to heavy stomach issues and weight gain, 2 – 3 tablespoons a day is the recommended dose).

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Your preferred infusions will be the matching complement for this diet, also always with honey and without any artificial flavors added. It is a fact that infusions are an effective aid in the digestive process.

Well, this is it for the guidelines, but for a deeper understanding, I will give some light notes. Follow this: – We are not allowed to take any pastries or anything that contains flour of any kind.

– We are not allowed to take anything that is not on the previous list, or that contains any sauces, from which we do not know the origin.

– We are not allowed to take any pre-cooked food.

– We are not allowed to drink any sodas or juices purchased in commercial stores. ABSOLUTELY NONE; but we can make infusions with honey and ice which are delicious!

– We are not allowed to drink alcohol of any kind. We must take special care with fermented drinks such as beer, wine, cider, etc. We must not take vinegar nor anything that contains alcohol to any degree, such as olives, gherkins, etc.

This is not intended to restrict your social events, so don’t worry. If you ever want to have a drink, have a good brand of rum at that special event (one of those that cost more than $36 a bottle please!), and you won’t have any problem. Always have it in moderation and go back to your eczema free diet!

– We can’t trust what the waiters in bars or restaurants tell us. Remember we can only take FRUITS, OIL, VEGETABLES, CHICKEN, LEGUMES, RICE AND HONEY. For example, if we have a chicken stew in a bar and it has flour in it, the diet will be useless.

-We are not allowed to take ketchup or fried tomatoes; If we want to take fried tomatoes, we can buy sifted tomatoes with no additives (it is inevitable that it has some, but the less the better). We add a little salt and pepper oil, put it in the micro 10 minutes to medium power and an exquisite fried tomato will come out.

– We are not allowed to take any sweets even if they are without sugar, gum or anything like that.

– We are not allowed to have any bag of snacks.

– We are not allowed to have coffee.

– We are not allowed to take any sausage, absolutely none. No chicken sausages either. (Look at the ingredients and you’ll be amazed at how little chicken you’ve got in there. Such a scam!).

We can’t have anything we haven’t cooked ourselves. So, stick to the ingredients list of the pyramid that YES, we can take at the beginning of this proven natural diet approach to beat eczema!

As you can see, the diet is straight to the point, which makes it very strict. But I encourage you to unveil why and how hundreds of people stick to it. They are persons who would have done anything. They would have preferred anything literally to having a body full of wounds., That is the quality and level of the healing power this lovely eczema diet plan has, and you will have it fully displayed on the next page!

Apart from the diet, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take any vitamin supplement free of flour or yeast. Some persons take Solgar Formula VM-75.

Finally, we MUST take a probiotic called “Saccharomyces boulardii” sold by many affordable companies like “NOW FOODS” or JARROW FORMULAS. Though not a medicine, it is the only probiotic that has been proven to be able to keep the stomach acid barrier alive.

After dinner, take half a level spoonful of baking soda. It should be noted that bicarbonate provides sodium (salt) to our diet and the recommended daily dose is 2.5 grams daily, so we should lower the dose of salt in our meals.

In just 15 days you should start noticing a radical improvement in your dermatitis; that is how powerful this meal plan is! As you will see by yourself, this well-designed diet can compete and beat any chemical-based treatments, conventional or alternative.

In my experience, this is the most accurate dietary method, the one tool your body is longing for, which has transformed the lives of thousands of people. It grants perfect control of your dermatitis and delivers a revolutionary power to heal your outbreaks.

It does not require any special elaboration. Just stick to the previous recommendations and you will be able to design what your body needs for getting healed. The diet goes as follows, and you can go varying according to the pyramid guidelines. Just go.

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