10 Natural Remedies For Eczema

1. Avocado and Aloe Vera Mask

This mask can be used on the face to relieve eczema symptoms, or as a paste on other affected areas of the body.

One avocado, mashed One-tablespoon aloe vera gel

Mix ingredients together in a small bowl. Apply topically to the face or to other areas of the body. Leave on for twenty minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Dry.

2. Coconut Oil Moisturizer

This pure and simple coconut oil moisturizer has a very long shelf life. Make a full batch and apply as needed, as your primary facial and body moisturizer.

One cup unrefined coconut oil Two drops calendula essential oil

Mix ingredients together in a jar. Apply to face and body as your regular moisturizer. Keep coconut oil moisturizer sealed in a jar while not in use.

3. Oatmeal Bath Soak

Use this soothing oatmeal bath soak by floating the bag in your bath, and gently scrub your entire body with it.

One cup certified gluten-free rolled oats One nut-milk bag or cheesecloth

Fill nut-milk bag with oats or put oats in cheesecloth and seal top with a rubber band or string.

4. Olive Leaf Salve

For eczema that needs extended healing, apply this olive leaf salve during the day or evening, and cover with gloves or clothing to keep the area protected.

Half cup pure shea butter Two drops olive leaf extract

Mix ingredients together in a jar. Apply as needed, as a salve, to affected areas on the body and face.

5. Apricot Kernel Oil Moisturizing Cream

Use this gentle healing cream on the face or body. It has a subtle aroma and feels decadently smooth.

Half cup unrefined cocoa butter One-quarter cup unrefined apricot kernel oil One-quarter cup unrefined neem oil Mix all ingredients with a blender, food processor, or hand mixer. Place in a sealed jar until ready to use.

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6. Olive Oil and Lavender Massage Oil

There is something about lavender that seems to soothe the spirit, which helps to soothe the physical body, as well. Rub a liberal amount of this olive oil and lavender massage oil on affected areas, or on your entire body, before you go to sleep at night.

One cup unrefined olive oil
Two drops lavender essential oil

Mix ingredients in a jar. Keep sealed between uses.

7. Avocado Oil Soap

The key to getting a gentle liquid soap from this recipe is to start with a completely pure and plant-based soap bar. Look for one with coconut oil, hemp, or another vegetable oil base that is entirely natural.

One four-ounce bar of natural soap One-gallon water
Half cup unrefined avocado oil

Grate the entire soap bar with a cheese grater. Set aside. Bring water to a boil. Remove from heat. Pour grated soap into the water and allow sitting for fifteen minutes. Blend with a hand mixer until creamy. Add avocado oil and continue to blend for another minute. Allow cooling. Pour into a container with a pump to use.

8. Gentle Face Cleanser

This gentle face cleanser is natural and great for soothing inflammation.

One-tablespoon raw honey
One-tablespoon plain soy or coconut milk yogurt One teaspoon slippery elm, dried and powdered

Mix ingredients and apply to face. Gently rub the entire face in circular motions for twenty seconds. Rinse with warm water and dry

9. Turmeric Tea

This eczema recipe starts balancing the body internally so that you can receive the benefits of external healing.

Two cups of filtered water One-teaspoon ground turmeric One-teaspoon raw honey One slice lemon

Bring water to a gentle boil. Add turmeric and allow steeping for five to ten minutes. Add honey and lemon to taste. Enjoy.

10. Stinging Nettle Tea

Healing is an inside job, but this stinging nettle tea does double duty when consumed daily and used as a soothing topical treatment for the skin.

Four cups filtered water
Four tablespoons stinging nettle tea
Four tablespoons raw honey
Bring water to a gentle boil. Add stinging nettle leaves and allow steeping for five to ten minutes. Add honey. Drink a cup of the tea daily and dip a washcloth in remaining tea to apply each day to affected areas. No need to rinse.

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